Private lessons offer individual training and coaching for either singles or couples.  The benefits of private dance lessons include:

  • One-on-one attention from the instructor
  • Greater opportunity for answers to questions, concerns, issues
  • Fast-track learning because of direct assistance
  • Greater development of precision in lead/follow skills
  • Allowing the instructor to fine-tune technique (such as posture and frame)
  • Greater attention to nuance and styling

A group dance class is often the first dance lesson experience for a couple just learning to dance. Group lessons offer a number of benefits, the chief of which are their relatively low cost and their social atmosphere.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to group dance lessons. Instructor attention is spread over a larger group, so individual dancers may not get as much help as they need. Also, shy individuals may find higher stress and challenge in a group situation.

Because group and private dance lessons each offer significant benefits, we offer programs that will combine the best of both worlds.  We develop programs to suit the needs of the individual or couple in terms of how fast they learn, what specific training they need, what dances they want to learn, the level of dancing they want to achieve, all balanced against their available time and budget.

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