Consider this . . . 

Competing is not about winning.  Competing is about achieving goals.  What was your goal when you started taking dance lessons?  Was it to become the best dancer you could be?  If your answer is yes, then competition is a faster track to achieving your goal.

Once you decide to participate in a competition, your entire experience of learning and practice changes.  Suddenly, you are more aware of your posture and poise and reaching your arms farther, etc.  You will become goal oriented whether during practice parties while building stamina or in a class with your instructor and yes, especially when you practice on your own.  Essentially your whole learning experience is heightened and you are pushing yourself to achieve more. And wasn't that your goal all along?

The money you invest in your dancing isn't going into your teacher, studio or competition's pocket.  It is going into your dance education, your self improvement, your confidence, your poise and posture, your weight loss goals, your health and your relaxation; all of which leads to a happier you.  And if you win a few ribbons in the process, it's an exciting added bonus!

When you have successfully completed a competition, you will have improved your dancing more than if you took ten lessons in one day!

Talk to your instructor and join us for our next competition! 

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